1. Which tourist agency or local operator should you choose for your Galapagos trip?
Booking your Galapagos holiday can sometimes be so overwhelming that all you need to find is a decent and reliable travel agent to walk you through the seemingly daunting process. But with so many travel experts and operators offering different sorts of land and sea based tours in the Galapagos, the process of selection can be quite complex and time consuming. With tour operators, it’s not always true that you get what you pay for. Many tour companies nickel-and-dime you, while some are really good at maximizing value for your every penny. Some travellers select travel agencies based on “reputability,” some as “reliability,” and some use other similar and similarly vague terms. But just what do you consider reputable? What factors should you take into account in choosing a trustworthy travel advisor?
2. What is ToursGalapagos.com?
ToursGalapagos.com is an online service that enables users to easily research, find, and book travel experiences in the Galapagos Islands. Our team of travel experts has handpicked reliable/reputable local tour operators and activity providers; listed them on our web platform for you to compare tour prices, review references from past travellers and secure tour bookings. We basically want to make sure you get the best price and always have an exceptional experience with a trustworthy travel advisor.
3. How do I secure a confirmed reservation on the listed tours?
Reservations can be secured directly on our website through our online booking system. Customers must fill out the required information outlined in the “Search Tours” box located on the home page of this website. Select the service you wish to contract and follow instructions. Once payment has been confirmed, we will send you within 3 working days a notification confirming availability for your tour. A “confirmation voucher” will be emailed to you and this confirms your spot on the tour. Please note that if there is no availability for your tour, you will be notified and the “reservation fee” will be refunded.
4. What happens after you have paid and received a confirmation voucher?
Once you have received a “confirmation voucher”, the local tour operator or travel agency will contact you (usually within 72 hours) directly via email or phone to coordinate all the remaining details to finalize your tour (i.e. meeting point, remaining balance and other tips)
5. What happens if the local tour operator or agency fails to contact you within 72 hours after you have received a confirmation voucher from us?
Please notify our agents as soon as possible so that we can help you with this inconvenience. We will try and get the operator to contact you as soon as possible. If communication is still impossible we will assess the problem and take reasonable action in finding a solution to this issue.
6. What’s the reservation policy like?
In order to confirm your reservation and to be guaranteed a spot on the tour, the total value of the "reservation fee" must be paid. This represents a small percentage of the total price of the tour. Reservation changes are available as long as this is approved and arranged in accordance with the agency or local operator’s booking policies.
7. What’s the cancellation policy like?
Unfortunately we do not offer reimbursements or refunds of the “reservation fee” on cancellations made by customers once the supplier has confirmed availability for the tour or activity and a “confirmation voucher” has been issued. We are however happy to change your reservation dates as long as this is approved and arranged in accordance with the agency or local operator’s booking policies.

Only cancellations due to tour unavailability are guaranteed 100% refund of the “reservation fee”. Please note that the refund may take up to 3 working days to process.
8. If I don’t want to use my tour spot, can I transfer it to someone else?
Spaces on tours can be transferred to another person as long as this is approved and arranged in accordance with the agency or local operator’s terms and conditions. Please address this concern to the agency or local operator we have allocated for you. If needed our agents are trained to help you with this process.
9. What happens if you miss the tour or don’t show up?
Passengers who miss the tour or fail to show up for reasons that are not attributable to ToursGalapagos.com will automatically lose their spot and cannot claim for a refund.
10. What happens if something goes wrong during the tour in Galapagos?
All claims should be directed to the agency or local tour operator since ToursGalapagos.com is not a travel agency and does not operate any of the listed tours on its web platform. The “reservation fee” will not be refunded if any discrepancies or inconveniences arise due to the agency’s or local operator’s failings in its operation or customer service.
11. How can I submit a claim?
Customers can submit a claim to our customer service department at the email: info@ToursGalapagos.com

Make sure to briefly describe the nature of your problem or inconvenience and attach a copy of your confirmation voucher issued by ToursGalapagos.com.

Please note that ToursGalapagos.com does not take responsibility in delays or cancelations due to events described as “force majeur”. ToursGalapagos.com defines a force majeure event as: “Any conditions beyond our control, including weather, acts of God, civil commotion, wars, hostilities, strikes, labor-related disputes, government regulation or action, shortage of labor or fuel, or other facts not foreseen by us.”